What is the main composition of cotton socks?

2022-06-14 21:52

Cotton socks are mainly composed of three materials, of which the most material should be cotton. Its main function is to be skin-friendly, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and deodorant. The second largest component is nylon (or nylon) or polyamide. Ester fiber (polyester fiber is also called polyester) is mainly used to maintain elasticity. The last one with the smallest component ratio is elastic fiber. The representative brand of high-quality elastic fiber is DuPont's Lycra, which is generally placed on the screw. elasticity. Good raw materials make socks comfortable and durable for two years or more and account for 50% of the overall cost of socks (the other 50% is workmanship and printing appearance and other processes).

The first major material of cotton (generally accounts for 45% to 90% of socks), the best grade is combed cotton. There are also some special materials such as anti-pilling cotton after processing with cotton, the price will be higher.

The second composition (about 20%~40%) is nylon or polyester fiber. The functions of the two are very similar, both to maintain the elasticity that occurs. However, the cost of nylon is about twice as high as that of polyester fiber, and it is more durable , Socks made of polyester fiber are easy to harden.

The third composition (about 2% to 5%) is elastic fiber. The elastic fiber of general leisure socks only needs to account for 2%, while other sports-specific socks such as elastic fiber for running or kicking It should account for about 4% to 6% of the composition (only suitable for sports scenes and not suitable for casual wear).

From the perspective of cotton socks, the higher the combed cotton composition generally used, the more comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly to wear, and the higher the cost of socks. There are some socks that are completely free of cotton and made of polyester fiber as the main material. The cost of these socks is very low, and they do not absorb sweat when worn, and are prone to smelly feet.