Socks Machine Needles

2022-06-20 20:46

1. The number of needles of the socks machine is the number of needles of socks.

Theoretically speaking, all sock machines can change the needle cylinder. For example, a 96-needles machine can be replaced with a 200 needles. machine, but the needle changing process is more troublesome and expensive. Therefore, the general factory tends to equip machines with different needles, and it is not easy to change the needle. Adjust the number of barrels of the machine.

2. The number of stitches determines the density of socks. Generally speaking, the more stitches, the finer the yarn, the thinner the sock, and the better the feel. To know the number of sock stitches, in addition to estimating the number of sock stitches by looking at the thickness of the cross-section of the sock, you can also count the exact number of stitches.

Cotton socks are mainly divided into 96 needles, 108 needles, 120 needles, 132 needles, 144 needles, 168 needles, 176 needles and 200 needles according to the number of needles. Among them, 96 to132 stitches are mainly used to produce smaller socks such as children's socks and students;144 needles are mainly used to produce women's socks and sports socks; 168 needles mainly produce terry socks and sports socks; 168-176 mainly produces men's socks; 200 needles mainly produce thin socks.