What is the Difference in the Use of Daily Cotton Socks that Cost 1 Yuan, 5 Yuan and 10 Yuan?

2022-04-19 09:15

The value gap of socks of the same appearance

should be measured from the aspects of material/size/manufacturing process

Material weight: Weight is the main factor to measure the cost of raw materials,

because the weight of socks made of combed cotton accounts for about 50% of the cost of the entire sock.

Material composition: First of all,   the best grade of cotton is combed cotton. If it is secondary cotton or nylon or other materials, the cost may be significantly lower than that of cotton (or special materials may be higher cost than combed cotton).

Process: Like 2 yarns or 3 yarns? 96 stitches or 144 stitches or 200 stitches

(the most stitches and the thinner the sock less durable, the less stitches the more

expensive and the more durable the sock)? Boneless or traditional bone suture?

---These will affect the cost and durability of the socks.