Why some Socks so Cheap?

2022-09-09 14:30

2 Key Reasons:

1. Materials

Unqualified material may only cost 1/2 or 1/3 than high quality material.


USD$0.2 product can make you barely endure 30 days.

USD$0.5 product can let you use it for 1 year.

USD$ 1 product can let you use it comfortably for 2 years

2. Cut corners (cheating on workmanship)

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Below Report Was Generated in China.

If it wasn't for the inspection by the Bureau of Market Supervision, consumers would have no way of knowing how dangerous the socks they wear every day are.

"The cost of detecting this banned dye is too high," according to industry insiders, "the price of a GC-MS instrument alone is at least 800,000 yuan, plus a large amount of high-purity reagents that must be consumed in the pre-detection process. And the import of materials such as extraction columns is particularly expensive.”

Small mistakes or omissions in any sample processing process will lead to wrong test results. Once the precision analytical instrument used in the entire test is turned on, it cannot be switched on and off frequently. Even if there is no sample, it is required to run all year round, and the equipment loss is quite large.

It is a fantasy to spend 1 million to test socks worth 200,000 yuan. Such an inspection cost will be spent on small socks with a wholesale price of less than one yuan a pair for a long time.

The reason why this dye is used in textile consumer goods by many small and medium-sized textile manufacturers is that it is "cheap and easy to use".

In terms of price, it is three or four times cheaper than the green dyes that are mostly imported. In terms of source, the production is simple, the effect is beautiful, the color is more complete and the color lasts longer than the environmentally friendly dyes.

Can socks without dye problems be worn? That's not necessarily the case. Most cheap socks have problems with raw materials.

It is a tacit common sense among socks wholesalers that you must not buy low-priced socks that are marked with cotton.

"Cotton is not elastic enough. If the socks are made of cotton, they will be like rags. How to wear them?" A buyer who has been in the socks wholesale business for 7 years said that most cheap socks are made of chemical fiber as the main raw material, but it is very good.

As for "all-cotton"   socks, he said there are indeed, but they are called "recycled cotton"


All kinds of scraps, scraps and even recycled second-hand clothes from the textile factory are stuffed into the machine and cut into pieces without any disinfection procedures. After machine crushing and several flowering procedures, the scraps and old clothes are turned into cotton again, and finally they are packaged into whole bundles and sent to the processing factory to make socks. Because the clothes themselves have various colors, the recycled cotton is dirty and full of dust and impurities.

Socks made of such recycled cotton are far worse than chemical fiber socks.

One ton of spun cotton is 16,000, and recycled cotton is only 2,000 or 3,000. This is no longer a secret in the material factories upstream of the hosiery industry.

The socks on my feet today may be the underwear who wore it yesterday, and I shudder to think about it.

Do you still remember Yongliang Towel, which was named by CCTV on 315 last year? Gaoyang County, Hebei is the largest towel production base in China, with an annual output of 5 billion towels, accounting for 1/3 of the national share.

The raw materials for towels costing three or five yuan are all recycled cotton. After the exposure, the whole network was taken off the shelves overnight. The person in charge of the towel factory even directly stated that the low-priced towels could not be guaranteed to pass the test.

Socks are just a market segment, and the main raw materials of the entire textile industry are almost the same. If the inside of these low-priced socks and low-priced towels is already shady, as a consumer, you can't help but think of a terrible problem.

Whose socks are those cheap underwear?