Knowledge of Socks

What are Terry Socks? What Is the Special Purpose?

Terry socks refer to a layer of terry inside the socks, which plays the role of thickening and keeping warm. It also has the effect of preventing friction and bumping in some special functional socks.

Do Cotton Socks Mean 100% Cotton Composition?

National regulations: materials with a cotton content higher than 75% can be called "pure cotton".

What is Hand on Seamless Toe Craft for Socks?

Seamless Socks Advantages and Costs.

Socks History

Socks are a kind of clothing worn on our feet.

How about Wearing Socks to Bed?

Scientific research has shown that wearing socks to bed can help you fall asleep 15 minutes earlier and wake up less often at night especially in cold winter.

What Is Jacquard Craft for Clothes

Jacquard is a kind of concave-convex pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft threads in textiles.

Why Use Socks Ironning Machine

Socks setting machine can make your products look more beautiful, the colors are more beautiful, and the clothes are more comfortable.

What is Embroidery

Embroidery is a kinds of crafts with long hisorty. It is a pattern created by a thread or yarn sewn on a material such as socks or shirts .

When were Antimicrobial Socks First be Used?

It was first used in field troops, astronautsand other professional uses that require long-term antibacterial anddeodorization.

Wear Antimicrobial Socks to Prevent Foot Odor

Antimicrobial socks have the ability to inhibit more than 650 kinds of bacteria, which can effectively prevent foot odor.

Funny Story of Chinese embroidery

Interestingly, men were the main crowd of Chinese embroidery; it was until later that women were found better at it.

Four Schools of Chinese Embroidery

Shu embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Su embroidery, and Yue embroidery. They belong to Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

Does Regular Cotton Socks Have Antimicrobial Function?


Christmas Stocking

A Christmas stocking is an empty sock orsock-shaped bag. It is put by the bed and Santa Claus will fill gifts for children on Saint Nicholas Day or Christmas Eve.

Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer printing is a method of printing patterns on goods of various materials, especially suitable for making small and diverse personalized and customized goods

Plain Weave Fabric

It is lighter and thinner, with good wear resistance, good air permeability, and rougher feel.

What about Wearing Sports Socks for Exercise

Sports socks have certain advantages in promoting blood circulation in the calf, relieving muscle soreness and improving sports performance.

How the Iron Machine Works

The sock setting machine adopts the frequency conversion principle

Advantages of Bamboo Socks

Bamboo socks are made of densely woven strands of bamboo fiber.

Foot Odor

Foot odor is due to the strong secretion of sweat glands in the body which is decomposed by bacteria and molds to produce odor.

Types of Sports Socks

Sports socks can be divided into yoga socks, running socks, ski socks, basketball socks, etc.

Sport Socks

A good pair of sports socks is as important as a pair of sneakers, which can even improve your performance. Good sports socks generally have the following characteristics.

Wool Socks

Wool socks have soft touch, good elasticity,strong warmth retention, moisture absorption and breathability.

Why Wear Toe Socks

Besides having a funny looking, toe Socks are benificial for our feet.

Socks Machine Needles

1. The number of needles of the socks machine is the number of needles of socks.Theoretically speaking, all sock machines can change the needle cylinder. For example, a 96-needles machine can be re...

What is nylon? What are the characteristics?

Nylon is a kind of synthetic fiber (also called nylon Nylon), which is named nylon because it was first produced in Jinzhou Chemical Fiber Factory in my country. The inventor is American scientist ...

What is the main composition of cotton socks?

Cotton socks are mainly composed of three components, of which the most component should be cotton. Its main function is to be skin-friendly, breathable, sweat-absorbent, and deodorant.

What is Lycra?

Lycra (LYCRA) is a spandex fiber, a man-made elastic fiber exclusively invented and produced by the DuPont companyin the United States. It mainly has the following advantages: 1. Very elasticand no...

Why is Xinjiang cotton boycotted?

The United States launched the cotton war, aiming to strangle the Chinese textile industry.Recently, the world's second largest fashion retailer H&M Group (Haynes Morris Apparel) issued a statement...

What are Compression Socks? What are Their Special Uses?

What are compression socks?