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Order and Sample Processing

1. For Samples1.1 Customized Sample: Customer Pay for the customized samples fee USD$100 per design/craft/materials (2 sizes in the same design and craft are regarded as 1 design of sample); sample...

Why some Socks so Cheap?

2 Key Reasons:1. MaterialsUnqualified material may only cost 1/2 or 1/3 than high quality material.USD$0.2 product can make you barely endure 30 days.USD$0.5 product can let you use it for 1 year.U...

What Brands Cooperated with XHY Knitwear Co?

Starbuk, Aape, Evisu, Feeling 100%, SMILEY, Baby Milo, etc, which retailed price from USD$10 to USD$15 a pair in Hongkong, Macao, etc.

Price for Socks

Averaged Shenzhen EXW-Price (from No-show to Mid-calf)All are EU eco-friendly traceable materials (OEKO-TEX Standard100 certified), pure cotton ratio up to 75%-80%.1. Socks Stocked (Not customize...

Anti-slip Grip Socks for Sports Reviewed

Good quality anti-slip socks are mainly made of silicon grip and cushional towel sole.Most of grip socks are for football play, basket ball, Yoga and PILATES, etc.After comaring dozens of grip sock...

Bank Account of XHY Knitwear Company

Reviewed and confirmed on Aug., 17th, 2022

Formal Knitwear Socks Process on 24th, Aug., 2022

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